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What Is the Best Size for a Baby Blanket?

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So, what is the best size for a baby blanket?

The answer is…it depends on the type of blanket!
Get a breakdown of the different types of baby blankets and the best size for each in this post!


What is the best size for a baby blanket?

As I wrote in “How many baby blankets do I need?” there are many types of baby blanket, each with its own purpose. What I didn’t mention is that they’re usually different sizes, too!
As a quick reminder, never put your baby to bed unattended with an unsecured blanket! Wearable blankets and secure swaddles are okay for infants, but unsecured blankets are best reserved for playtime, bundling up during outings, and keeping warm by being held by an adult.
Here’s a quick look at some of the types of baby blanket and common sizes for each.
There is always a fair amount of variation and leeway, especially with handmade blankets, but these are some general guidelines!

Security blankets or lovies

These tiny blankets are usually about 10” square and are typically attached to a soft toy.

Preemie blanket

Preemie blankets are just receiving or swaddle blankets in a smaller size more suited to premature babies.
Some preemie blankets are as small as 18” square, but 18”x20” or 20” square are better for larger preemies.

Receiving blankets

A receiving blanket is like what they give you to use at the hospital. It’s a fairly small blanket that helps you keep your newborn warm while being held or carried. Some receiving blankets also work well as swaddles.
Many receiving blankets are between 24” and 36” square, though sometimes they are rectangles. 28”x34” is a common, popular size for rectangular receiving blankets.

Swaddle blanket

Swaddling blankets come in a variety of sizes and are typically made from fairly light fabric. Cotton muslin or gauze or a cotton/spandex blend are popular choices for swaddles.
Swaddle blankets can be as small as 18×18 inches for a premature baby or up to a large 48” square!
The popular Aden & Anais large blankets are 47” square.
Make sure to pick the correct size for your baby and remember that swaddling is only recommended for the first few months of life. After your baby can break free or starts to roll over, it’s important to transition away from a swaddle.

Multi-purpose blankets and stroller blankets

These blankets are typically fleece, sherpa, flannel, or other thicker materials that aren’t suitable for swaddling.
Most of these blankets measure 30”x40”.
This type of blanket has always been my personal favorite. I layer them up for floor time and tummy time play, trips outside, or even as a quick changing mat pad!

Crib quilts

It is important to remember that it’s safest to not place any loose bedding with a baby under one year of age! Crib blankets are either for decoration or toddlers.
Crib blankets and quilts are usually 40”x60” to cover a full sized crib mattress. Always make sure there are no loose, long strings, buttons, or anything else that a curious toddler might detach and strangle themselves with or choke on!


I truly hope you’ve found this guide to baby blanket sizes helpful! Make sure to stop by this post on how many of each blanket you’ll need if you’d like to know more!


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