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Soft Muslin Swaddle with Flamingos

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This soft muslin swaddle with flamingos is so light and breathable for a summer baby!

Made with a cotton and bamboo blend, this blanket is so cute for the little girl in your life. Because it’s lightweight and breathable, it helps keep your baby safe and secure while tightly swaddled for comfort and sleep.

My husband always wanted to swaddle our daughter when she was a newborn, but we didn’t have air conditioning and I was afraid she would overheat. The hospital-issued blanket was just too thick! A lightweight muslin swaddle made with breathable, natural materials helped me alleviate those fears!

I also like that this blanket is an extra large swaddle at 47″ square. That means it works great as a stroller/carseat cover or a nursing cover, too!

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