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Set of Three Floral Newborn Receiving Blankets with Matching Bows

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This set of three floral floral newborn receiving blankets with matching bows will take care of all your swaddling needs in style!

These wraps are generously sized for a newborn swaddle (they’re 35.5″x25.5″), which means they can be used from birth up until three months! After that, they’d made a cute nursing cover or light blanket for use in the carseat or stroller. Made from a soft, stretchy knit, it’s easy to get a tight, safe swaddle with these blankets.

I personally really like that this is a set of three. Many families find three or four swaddle blankets is all they really need, which means it’s easy to knock out your shopping at once with this multipack!

The set brings a nice variety. One fo the blankets has sweet loose, pink roses, another blanket has a combination of pink and aqua flowers with greenery, and the third has a more modern mix of florals and leaves.

They’re also a great bargain. Prices change all the time so you’ll have to take a look for yourself, but I’ve always seen this set for under $10/blanket. If you catch it for under $8 a blanket, buy it quick because that’s a great deal! 

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 Set of Three Floral Newborn Receiving Blankets with Matching BowsCheck Price on Amazon

Sometimes new moms have trouble knowing how many blankets they’ll need and what all the different types are. I know I did! That’s why I put together this resource on how many baby blankets you’ll actually need. It will help you figure out what all these terms mean and determine how many of each type you’ll need to buy!

If this floral swaddle set isn’t quite your thing, I hope you’ll have a look at some other favorite receiving blanket sets!

Take care of all your receiving blanket shopping at once with this set of three floral swaddles & matching bows!

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