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Flamingo Blankets for Babies

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These flamingo blankets for babies are just too cute not to share!

I was happily writing away on a post about the best baby blankets for summer when I realized that there are so many adorable options with flamingos! My husband is an enormous fan of flamingos (he’s from Miami) and our daughter loves watching them at the zoo. Putting together this post was a whole lot of fun!

I really love the variety available. There are organic options, lightweight cotton and bamboo choices, multi-layered muslin blankets, and even plush minky blankets! It doesn’t matter what season you’re shopping for – there’s a flamingo blanket ready to bring a fun, Floridian vibe to your nursery!

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Flamingos (or flamingoes – apparently both spellings are correct!) are such a wonderful choice for baby blankets and nurseries. They’re a bright, vibrant animal that symbolize confidence and grace. Who doesn’t want their child to grow up strong and confident? Because flamingos are very sociable birds, they are also associated with community and family.

It’s also really easy to find stuffed flamingos and other flamingo items for a Florida or tropical themed nursery! I’m pretty sure my husband would turn our entire house flamingo themed if I let him…

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I truly hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of flamingo blankets! If you have question about baby blankets, you may enjoy my All About Baby Blankets posts!

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