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Black Baby Blanket with Pink Flowers and Bow Headband

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This black baby blanket with pink flowers and a bow headband is cute and feminine in a way that’s oh-so classic!

As I’ve mentioned before in other posts, I totally didn’t bring a receiving blanket to the hospital when I had my baby girl! ::Facepalm:: First time mom fail! Plus one of the nurses called the hospital blankets “old and nasty.” Who wants to put that on their baby?!

Bringing your own cute swaddle is the perfect way to avoid ratty, unattractive hospital blankets and give your baby girl’s first photos some style! You don’t want her to look like every other baby in a hospital-issued blanket and cap, so get her a soft and stretchy set like this that comes with a headband bow!

I love that this fabric is knit, which means it stretches for a nice, secure swaddle. A tight swaddle is important for soothing your baby and for safety!

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pink black floral swaddle for girls

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