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Hello and welcome to Cute Baby Blankets! This is where you’ll find the cutest, softest, and highest-rated baby blankets available!

You’ll also find valuable information on baby blankets, like safe ways to use them, the best size for baby blankets, and more. Browse by category using the menu above or the links below!

Baby Girl Blankets

All about baby blankets

I’m a Blanket Loving Mom and former classroom teacher sharing my love of blankets.

I’m not exaggerating when I say I love blankets – I sleep with 5-7 blankets each night and bring at least two with me whenever I travel overnight. My daughter has given me a whole new way to indulge my love of blankets! I also love coffee, but what mom doesn’t?

Here on Cute Baby Blankets, you’ll find the cutest, softest, and best blankies around along with information about how many blankets you need for a baby and more. I hope you enjoy and thanks for visiting!

blanket loving mom with coffee